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Our Friday night youth club has had to pause for the winter lockdown but we hope to reopen in December.

If you have an emergency please go to www.liftislington.org.uk where a whole a range  of support services are listed.


We're holding a virtual Friday night club on Zoom.
Where we will continue to develop our film Idle Hands.

Text Shawdon if you are a member of our youth club and would like an invite.

Here's some tips for handling stress and anxiety during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Take a social media break
If you are constantly looking for updates on coronavirus this will increase your stress levels. Plan to update yourself just once or twice a day.


Only follow trusted news outlets
There is lots of fake news and rumours flying round.   It's best to stick to mainstream news outlets. They have higher standards about checking information. Watch one of the main news channels or check their twitter feeds.

Take health advice from trusted organisations
Don’t believe everything you see or hear. For health information look at the NHS website or follow @nhsuk and @nhsenglandldn

Eat and drink well
Eat fresh food and vegetables if you can. Avoid sugary drinks or too much caffeine as they can increase anxiety levels.

Avoid alcohol or drugs
Again, these can increase anxiety levels and also lead to feeling low. If you need help with this contact Islington’s Young Peoples Drug and Alcohol Service

Exercise every day
Take a brisk walk. Islington has loads of parks. If the sun is shining, try to get outside. If you have space at home develop an exercise routine. Exercise will also help you sleep well. Check out the free routines on YouTube.


Help out
Helping family, friends or neighbours will make you feel good. If you can’t get out then call or WhatsApp someone you know who may be lonely or vulnerable to ask how they are.

Stay active
This is a good time to catch up on things you've been meaning to do or distract yourself with something fun.

Acknowledge your anxiety
It's a stressful time. Everyone is likely to feel anxious. It's okay to acknowledge this and share how you feel. 


Deal with difficulties
We may not have as much space or time to ourselves if we are staying at home with our families, which might cause conflict. The Children’s Society have good advice around how to reduce this.


Get help if you are in crisis
If you or your family need specialist help around mental health, housing, benefits or other key issues, speak to the Children’s Services Contact Team or Adult Social Services


You can also get FREE 1:2:1 counselling/support.  Just click on the link for more info https://kooth.com







From L-R: Carleisha, Shawdon and Olayinka, our Youth Leader team

Click on the link to find out about the film Shawdon, our Youth Leader,  has made http://islingtontribune.com/article/actor-speaks-up-for-estate-life-at-film-premiere

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"I like being here - I like staying here - I just like hanging out with people here". M.

"I see people, talk to them, hang out with them.  Keeps you off the street as well.  That's good." E.