The 4H Garden - Hops, Herbs, Health and Happiness!

2019 marigolds planted from last year's

2019 - marigolds grown from last year's seeds!


This is how it started!

4H community garden project

Gardening for everyone


The garden is open to all

Burnt orange sunflower

We plant lots of flowers which are great for bees and other pollinating insects


Most of the garden has been planted from seed

We were awarded £7,637 from the Greener City Fund Community Grants in January 2018.  Islington Council allocated us a plot of land in Whittington Park which has been transformed into a garden filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers, mostly planted from seed.  The The 4Hs stand for Hops, Herbs, Health and Happiness.  


Islington Council also awarded us Local Initiative Funding to install paving.  This makes the garden wheelchair accessible and easy for everyone to walk around.


"I'm constantly amazed at how the garden impacts the community and me ... I like the fact it's in my community, five minutes from my home.  That it's providing something for people to enjoy." Colleen, gardening volunteer.

Volunteer and make a difference

Volunteers help us to keep this service running. We need help with assisting members on the bus service, serving lunch and running activities. For more information about joining the club or volunteering please contact:


Alex Schmidt, our Lunch Club Coordinator,

0207 272 1847 or

Please see our WEEKLY TIMETABLE below.  Feel free to pop in for a visit or suggest Lunch Club to a relative or older friend.