Social Club 55+

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We are now delivering hot lunches in the local area.


We are asking for a donation of £2.00 if you can afford it so we can keep this service going through the winter and spring of 2021.

Please call Alex on 07761 869205 or email if you would like to receive a hot lunch delivery. 

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A thank you email from one of our recipients

Dear Alex,


Thank you so much for delivering the package of goodies and particularly for the envelope of jokes and exercises - very useful.  I very much appreciated it.  I hope everyone at the Centre is well and it will be able to open again soon

Stay safe, stay well


Social Isolation Poems. 

Written by Irene Parisi. April 2020. 

A New Virus

A new virus has come
It’s spreading so fast
Too most the countries
Of our planet
It’s devastating so many lives
It’s so frightening
We have no vaccine yet
And they say it’s going to be
a long long time
For the vaccine
to be devolped.
We have to stay home
And can’t go out!
If we have to go
To the shop
We should wear a mask
But there are none!
We must not get
Near each other
Or have visitors
Even our family
This is like a nightmare
But we must stay strong
And be brave
Only then we can
Survive this deadly virus!

Boring Life

This boring life
Is getting me down
Usually I am always out
and going around
So I am writing some songs
And watching TV
And reading some Books
And phoning the family
To have a chat
I am dancing and singing
And doing all the things
I love to do, but
I am still bored
So what can I do?

Gentle exercise with Tina

We’ve all missed Tina but she’s back on video with a selection of gentle exercise routines. It’s so great to hear voice again.

For those who haven’t been moving around that much try the fingers routine first .Then move on at your own pace . Take it slowly and enjoy !

Our men’s club meet every Thursday afternoon in the park for socially distanced games and a chat.
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One of our men’s club members comes regularly to weed the garden.
If you would like to join the men’s meet up or receive a regular phone call during lockdown please call 07761 869205 or email

A welcoming and friendly

club for 55+

Join us!
We have been working hard to make our building and systems Covid safe  and here are a few reminders of what you can expect:
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the centre , so please use regularly.  
  • Activities  and lunch will take place outside by the 4H garden throughout the summer, weather  permitting.
  • We have designated  toilets for use by social club members only.
  • During the summer months we are holding activities and lunches outside  whenever weather permits.  We are open as a drop - in but please call us by 10.30 am if you would like lunch.
We are making regular weekly or daily calls to social club members .
If any one is wanting  a call  and not getting  one please call our social club number and leave  a message 0776 1869 205.