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Move Me


  • Whittington Park Community Centre

Service Description

For the curious, the creative, the activist, searchers after story, truth, justice and the light of inspiration. What is MOVE ME? A MOVE ME session creates a space where people can see more clearly what is happening in their lives and the life around them. It helps people to be interconnected, empowers them and activates them. Through the use of drama and movement exercises it enables the embodiment of thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations. By looking experimentally at images, movement and scenes it inspires hope, ecological systems-awareness and ‘species’ consciousness of humanity. "This is the first MOVE ME session and each one will be unique and have its own special character. The form will change and develop as we do more sessions. I am lucky to be working with Ahoora Baranian on this one. Participating means not just receiving but also giving, helping shape future sessions." Leading this session, Jonathan Chadwick is a writer, theatre-maker and producer. FIND OUT MORE at

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

020 7272 1847

Whittington Park Community Association, London, UK

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