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A welcoming and Friendly Club for 55+

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WPCA has been running a Social Club for 55+ for over 30 years. Its aim is to help members stay healthy, independent and enjoy being part of the local community.

The club provides a range of free activities, from Tuesday to Thursday, 1:45 – 3:45pm. We offer a freshly cooked two course lunch (see menu below) for £4, which is served from 1:00 to 1.45pm. We also organize visits to museums, places of interest and to the seaside in summer, which usually happen on a Friday by public transport.

1. Please note, our Social Club is not a day centre. We are unable to cater for members with complex needs. Any health and dietary issues need to be disclosed in the registration form. We run most of our activities with the help of volunteers and our staff are not trained to work with users requiring specialized assistance.

2. Referral procedure: please get in touch with us by phone or email to see if the social club is suitable.

3. Registration: We welcome enquiries and new members. Prospective members need to make an appointment with our Social Club Coordinator before registering.

Alexander Schmidt
Social Club 55+ Co-ordinator
Direct: 020 3848 9253

Reception: 020 7272 1847

Our Services

Please Contact
with any enquiries or to book your place onto a class or event

Lunch Delivery Service

From Tuesday to Thursday we offer a Freshly Cooked Food delivery service at lunch time in our catchment area (see map to right).

Meals are £4 and delivery is free to registered members of our social club 55+. We always have a vegetarian alternative and provide gluten free food if requested in advance.

Contact Alex for more information.


Lunch Club Menu

Vegetable Lasagne
Dessert of the day.
Shepherd’s Pie & mixed veg (Gluten free available if booked in advance)
Dessert of the day.
Tuna chilli linguine with steamed greens
Dessert of the day.
Spanish Omelette wedges & mixed salad
Dessert of the day.
Spaghetti with meatballs (or vegetables)
Dessert of the day.
Mackerel Salad with potatoes
Dessert of the day.
Vegetable Ratatouille & Rice
Dessert of the day.
Greek lemon chicken (veggie version) with roast potatoes and Greek salad
Dessert of the day.
Kedgeree with coleslaw
Dessert of the day.
Vegetable curry with rice & Naan bread
See separate menu
Gammon & pineapple (Nut roast veg version) with chips & greens
Dessert of the day.
Fish cakes with wedges & coleslaw
Dessert of the day.
Dhal (lentils) with spinach and tomatoes & rice
Dessert of the day.
Bangers (veg version available) & Mash with cabbage
Dessert of the day.
Tuna Pasta with peas
Dessert of the day.

Each lunch costs £4 and each lunch is served with a dessert.
We do prefer credit cards or bank transfer for payment.

If you would like any changes to your meal of the day (e.g. vegetarian option)
or wish to cancel, it’s essential you let the social club co-ordinator or
reception know, at least 24 hours in advance!

We do encourage you to let us know if anybody to your knowledge could
benefit from this service. We can deliver in the local area!


Men's Social Club

Our Men's Club meets every Wednesday from 2PM - 3:45PM. 

Membership is free.

Pool, table tennis, newspapers and coffee are available every week.  


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