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Our History


Whittington Park Community Centre has been used by generations of families and communities who live around the area of Whittington Park, London, N19.  Come and have a look at our photo gallery on the stairwell of the Upper Hocking Hall to get a glimpse of our long history.

In the early 70s, local residents formed the Whittington Park Action Group to oppose houses being demolished to make way for the expansion of Whittington Park.  From this group, Whittington Park Community Association was established as a charity on 19 September, 1972.  

One of WPCA’s first projects was an adventure playground in the park. Soon after it opened, local police found crime in the area fell. In the 70s and 80s the association organized summer festivals which attracted thousands of people.

Many of the activities and ethos from the early 70s remain to this day, such as running a social club for 55+ serving freshly prepared meals, and an inclusive environment that sees all generations using WPCA services and buildings. 

In August 2013, an important archive of documents including over 300 photographs tracing the history of the association was handed over to Bishopsgate Institute.  Everyone is welcome to view this collection at the institute.


There is also a permanent exhibition of black and white photographs tracing WPCA’s history in the stairwell of Hocking Hall.   Read Katia Lom's article “Pride and Resistance” which featured in the Journal of Islington Archaeology and History Society.

If you happen to own photographs and/or publications, or if you have any stories to share, please contact Stefan Dickers at Bishopsgate Library:

0207 392 9270

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