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Hocking Hall Building Works

Completed at the beginning of 2023, renovations have seen Hocking Hall become a fully accessible, flexible and multi-purpose space for sports, social and community events.

Necessary structural works, installation of a lift, roof repairs, improvements to the thermal performance of the building, and the sensitive replacement of the windows have meant that the building will be fit for use for many years to come.

Artwork: Secret Artist NW5

A statement from Graham Newsome
Director, Architects Network



A purpose made community centre ages over time, particularly one that came into being in the first decade of the 20th Centre. Whittington Park Community Centre has been serving the community for longer than the Queens Jubilee year took to arrive. Mind you the Queen is in better condition, mobility issues or none. Nonetheless the centre in Yerbury Road has continued to deliver services for close to a hundred years. Time has taken its toll but the centre staff have continued to support the community in a decaying structure.


The time has finally come when the building has bared its cracked face to such a degree that structural underpinning was needed to be done as a matter of some urgency. Even in this condition the community still loved the building and the kindness and service it has provided.


Funding has been gathered over the years thanks to the local community and charitable funds have been secured by the WPCA and Islington Council .This has presented the chance for a major refurbishment and structural repairs to be undertaken and an opportunity to refresh the architectural fabric and enhance the building infrastructure to enable additional community use, capacity, and the diversity and range of activities that the management and volunteers can provide more services in a building of much better restored quality than it has seen in 100 years and more.


In January 2022 works were commenced at the site to restore the building in the ‘Phase 1 Works implementation’, which will in themselves provide greater capacity, and serve a broader client base for old and young in all sections of the community.


Literally foundation ‘underpinning’ has been completed and further elements of the current Phase 1 works will bring the building into the 21st century by upgrading many elements of the fabric of the structure and spaces within, adjusting the building to meet, and in some case surpass, significant environmental standards. Some of the features improved or enhanced as part of the current phase 1 construction project highlights as follows.


• New multipurpose activity space has been created at first floor facing the park.

• High thermal performance windows doors

• Solar PV panels renewed with latest technology as renewable energy

• insulated roofs upgrading the Edwardian roof construction

• Double glazed high performance roof-lights

• Semi extensive Green roof

• Accessibility throughout the centre with lift to all floors

• New sprung floor to Hocking Hall

• Enlarged storage facilities for equipment and user groups

• New servery kitchen to Band Room

• Improved acoustic resilience for softer activities

• Restoration of Rupert Street facade

• New meeting room facility

• New accessible toilet facilities


Just imagine what WPCA’s team can do with the funding for Phase 2.

architectsnetworkltd Chartered Architects are the designers for the project working with a professional team of colleagues who’s skills and dedication will delver a reborn community hub.

Consibee Civil and Structural Engineers

jnoad MEP Consulting building services engineers

Cuttle Construction Ltd as building contractors

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