Hocking Hall Building Plans

Hocking Hall Building Works

Set to be completed in August 2022, the current building works will transform Hocking Hall into a fully accessible, flexible and multi-purpose space for sports, social and community events.

Necessary structural works, installation of a lift, roof repairs, improvements to the thermal performance of the building, and the sensitive replacement of the windows will allow the building to be used for many years to come.

We will keep any disruption caused by these works to a minimum.

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Building Updates

The first stage of the Whittington Park transformation covers Hocking Hall both upper and lower halls.

The improvements will result in it being brighter and easier to access – a new lift! No more wrestling with buggies and no more sore knees from struggling upstairs).

All the windows that have looked so sad for so long will be replaced so that it will look lovely from the park and our tired old fire escape on the side of the building will be shiny and new.

A new roof light in Upper Hocking Hall will set off its lovely wooden beams a treat so that music events and gentle exercise will be lit by daylight and enable you to look up at the sky…

New lights, new heating, new boiler, and lovely new wooden floors will make it warmer and more comfortable for everyone who uses the halls.

So far, we have completed all the necessary underpinning of the foundations to make sure that the walls do not crack any further and the building is safe.

We will have to wait a bit longer to transform our café, which is in Phase 2 along with the main Centre, but it too will carry on serving our lunch clubs!

We have removed old gas and electrical pipes, radiators etc, demolished bits of the building to make way for the lift and taken out all the windows and stripped back floors to make way for new.

All this would not have been possible without support from everyone who uses the building and loves it – it has been here a long time and can now to continue to be a heart of the community for children, young people, older people, and anyone who wants to celebrate birthdays, weddings or just have fun. We look forward to welcoming you when the building opens.