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The 4H Garden Hops, Herbs, Health & Happiness!
Volunteer and make a difference

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We were awarded £7,637 from the Greener City Fund Community Grants in January 2018.  Islington Council allocated us a plot of land in Whittington Park which has been transformed into a garden filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers, mostly planted from seed.  The The 4Hs stand for Hops, Herbs, Health and Happiness.  


Islington Council also awarded us Local Initiative Funding to install paving.  This makes the garden wheelchair accessible and easy for everyone to walk around.


We are looking for volunteers who are interested in what we do and
want to support our aims and can commit some of their free time to joining in and supporting our new community centre garden project.

What we are looking for

1) Volunteers who can support older people attending our Monday to Friday Lunch Time Club to engage in gardening activities in our new 4H (hops, herbs, health and happiness) Community Garden.

2) Community Garden volunteers who can support us and contribute to the setting up, maintenance and development of our 4H community garden

We are looking for volunteers who;

 Are reliable and have good time keeping skills
 Have good communication skills
 Are enthusiastic and keen on gardening
 Are willing to learn with us
 Can offer their skills and experience to enhance what we do
We will offer advice, support and training to carry out the volunteering roles.

Image by Markus Spiske

"I'm constantly amazed at how the garden impacts the community and me ... I like the fact it's in my community, five minutes from my home.  That it's providing something for people to enjoy." Colleen, gardening volunteer.