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Whittington Park Community Nursery

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WPCA are sad to announce that we closed the Whittington Park Community Nursery at the end of term in December 2023.

The nursery originally opened in 2016 in partnership with the London Borough of Islington to provide high quality nursery care and learning to those who qualify under “free learning for two-year olds” scheme.

Since our opening we have provided a nurturing and educational environment for over 100 children.

Along with so many nurseries in the voluntary and charity sector, our running costs far exceeded the government hourly rates. We also experienced a significant drop in the numbers of children joining us as currently there are surplus funded nursery places in the borough. WPCA has supported the finances from its own reserves to keep the nursery open but now the huge increase in running costs for the building combined with difficulties in recruiting in this sector have brought us to this decision.

We would like to thank Gail Walker, Joan Caton and Charlotte Grover for all their hard work and dedication.

To see if you are eligible for free nursery care, click the link below.

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