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THE UNKNOWN: A Show-Portal for the Extremely New

Sunday 25th February at 7PM

The culmination of 2 days of Lucy Hopkins' The Creative Ridiculous: an intensive workshop of experimentation, exploration and discovering brand new things, The Unknown is a 90 minute Show-Portal for the Extremely New, featuring acts, material and musings never before shared with a live audience.

You are invited to join us to discover shootlings of greatness, terrible ideas, unexpected marvels and other liminal happenings while basking in the unrelenting mystery of Not Really Knowing What Is Unfolding aka Real Life.

Hosted by your humble steward of the mighty Unknown, Lucy Hopkins.

Expect the fresh, loose, generous and strange, and, definitely new.

Come, let us lean into the Unknown together

£5 to reserve a ticket or PWYW on the door

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