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What Should Be in the Next Time Capsule?

We will soon be uncovering the Whittington Park Time Capsule, buried 50 years ago by the Mayor of Islington, Councillor Harry Reid. The capsule has been buried somewhere in the Whittington Park Grounds and after opening it, we will be burying a brand new one for people to uncover 50 years from now.

This time capsule is believed to contain objects that represent the era, as well as a letter from the Mayor to the people of Islington in the year 2023.

What do you think we should bury in the next Time Capsule?

Comment your suggestions below and on our social media platforms.

A poster asking our community what they think we should bury in the next Whittington Park time capsule that will be uncovered 50 years from now. The poster has a blue background, a treasure chest and yellow and green bunting.

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