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A Journey Back in Time: The Whittington Park Time Capsule

We are excited to share with you an intriguing piece of Whittington Park Community Association (WPCA) history - a time capsule, buried somewhere within Whittington Park.

According to a Gazette clipping from August 1973, our founders commemorated the first Whittington Festival with a special ceremony. The Mayor of Islington, Councillor Harry Reid, buried a time capsule, set to be opened in 50 years, which is this very year, 2023. The capsule is believed to contain objects that represent the era, as well as a letter from the Mayor to the people of Islington in the year 2023.

However, the exact location of this hidden treasure remains a mystery, known only to a select few who were present at its burial. While we cannot yet confirm its existence or precise whereabouts, we are in the early stages of uncovering this fascinating piece of our history. We will keep you updated!

This is a poster discussing a new time capsule at Whittington Park that is due to be uncovered in August 2023. It was buried 50 years ago somewhere in the Whittington Park grounds by councillor Harry Reid. It's precise location still remains a mystery. The poster is green, white and yellow with a treasure chest and some yellow bunting. The WPCA logo is at the bottom.
Whittington Park Time Capsule

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