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Independent Artist Hall Hire Rate

Are you a dancer, performer, or creative looking for the perfect space to unleash your artistic potential? Whittington Park Community Centre is thrilled to introduce our Independent Artist Hall Hire Rate, tailored specifically for creatives.

Affordable and Accessible Space for Creatives

Our Independent Artist Hall Hire Rate is designed to support dancers, performers, and other creatives by offering a reduced rate for last-minute bookings. This initiative is part of our commitment to fostering an environment where local artists can thrive and create without the constraints of high rental costs.

Perfect Timing for Last-Minute Inspiration

We understand that inspiration can strike at any moment, which is why we offer special rates for bookings made from Monday at 9 AM to Thursday at 12 noon for the following week.

How to Book Your Creative Space

Booking your space is simple! Visit our website between Monday and Thursday each week to secure your spot for the following week.

For availability, specific rates, and to make a booking, please visit: Whittington Park Community Centre Room Hire.

Independent Artist Hall Hire Rate at Whittington Park Community Centre

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