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The Make It Happen Fund Funding Guidelines

Make It Happen Fund


The Make It Happen fund is a small grants scheme for Islington residents that offers funding up to a maximum of £500 for people to act on things they care about locally. The purpose of the fund is to bring people together and do something that makes them feel proud of where they live.

Social housing landlords Peabody, Hyde, Clarion and Southern Housing Group alongside Islington Giving and other local voluntary organisations in Islington decided to work together with communities to build individual and community resilience and support innovation.


Projects must align with one of the following aims:

  • Healthy – helping people with their physical and mental wellbeing

  • Happy – helping people make the most out of their lives through active citizenship, volunteering and community involvement

  • Connected – bringing people together making them the heart of the community 

How to apply

Apply through a word application form available to download from here.

Islington Giving and local voluntary sector organisations can support you through the application process, and during the delivery of your project. This support could include:

  • developing your idea

  • buying items

  • recruiting and working with volunteers

  • promoting your project to other residents

  • monitoring your project

  • applying for future funding


Monday 20th May, 10am: Deadline for applying – this is the last day you can apply!


If you miss the May deadline, there will be a second round of funding for winter projects, with a closing date of 21st October 2024 and you can apply at any time.

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