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Youth Club Engages with No More Red Campaign at Arsenal Football Club

This month, the Whittington Park Community Association (WPCA) Youth Club had the opportunity to engage in a workshop series presented by the 'No More Red' campaign, a joint initiative between Arsenal Football Club and adidas, in association with the Octopus Network. This program aims to directly address youth violence's societal roots, emphasizing positive engagement, skill-building, and providing constructive outlets for self-expression.

Youth Club members took part in a t-shirt design workshop, learning basic design principles and how to create personal t-shirt designs.

During these sessions, the presence of community role models is significant. WPCA Youth Club mentor Jely was selected through No More Red to create a film about his community and the importance of bringing people together through sport. Jely is also a coach at Arsenal in the Community, and passionate filmmaker. See the film here.

For more details on the 'No More Red' initiative and its contributions to communities, visit Arsenal's campaign overview.

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