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Embrace Creativity and Culture in Community Centre Week at Whittington Park

It's nearly time for this year's Community Centre Week, brought to us by Octopus Community Network, where we take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the indispensable role of community centres in our lives.

For Community Centre Week's 10th Year, Octopus are placing the spotlight on Community Centres as nurturers of creativity and culture. Our community centres are not merely buildings, but vibrant, dynamic spaces where art, dance, theatre, and music come alive. By celebrating this aspect, we aim to acknowledge these spaces that significantly contribute to and enrich our local culture.

Join us at Whittington Park Community Centre on Wednesday, 19th July, from 3 PM to 6 PM at our newly refurbished building. We'll be exhibiting an array of archive photos from the Community Centre's history and serving hot and cold drinks, along with cakes, after 3.30 PM.

At 4 PM join us for "The Yukes" Live in the Park, an outdoor musical event in the refreshing environs of Whittington Park. Come along, sing with us and enjoy some familiar tunes, at the Rupert/Yerbury Road entrance near the 4H Garden, N19 4RS.

Community Centre Week serves as a reminder of the vibrant and vital spaces that community centres provide. We invite everyone to join in this celebration and help us in continuing to make Whittington Park Community Centre a hub of creativity, culture, and connection.

Community Centre Week events

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