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Exploring Michelangelo’s Genius: A Day at the British Museum with Our Community Groups

We have a proud longstanding community partnership with the British Museum and over the years, this collaboration has afforded us access to many remarkable exhibitions and enriching workshops at no cost.

This past Sunday, members of our art and men's groups enjoyed a special community preview of the Michelangelo exhibition at the British Museum. The event included an insightful curator's talk by Sarah Vowles, whose expertise gave attendees an idea of what to look for in the exhibited drawings and why they were chosen. The talk was both informative and engaging, sparking lively discussions during the Q&A session.

Following the talk, we ensured accessibility for all our members, including facilitating lift access for a wheelchair-bound member to join the exhibition at 1:30 PM. Members moved through the display, which referenced Michelangelo's life as an artist, architect, letter writer, and poet. The exhibition not only captivated our art group members but also inspired profound appreciation and discussion among all attendees.

Michelangelo exhibition at the British Museum, 55+ members in the gift shop holding a book

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