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We're sorry we're closed until further notice...

Dear users and neighbours,

We hope you are keeping safe and well and if you are affected by the c-virus that you will make a good recovery. We'd just like to update you on what's happening with services at the centre. * Our Social Clubs for 55+ are closed until further notice. We are in daily contact by telephone with members, especially those who have no relatives, for a chat and to make sure they have what they need at home. The regular members have exchanged numbers and are also supporting and calling each other to stay in touch. * Whittington Park Community Nursery, in the park, will close on Friday until further notice.  Staff are keeping in touch with the families whose children attend the nursery. * The Early Years Hub is closed until further notice. * Yerbury After School Club will be closing this afternoon. * Friday Night Youth Club is open tonight for existing members.  We cannot sign up new members at the moment. * Whittington Park Cafe is closed until further notice. We are part of the Octopus Community Network of community hubs in Islington. We are urgently working with other Octopus hubs to find the  best way our centre can serve the  community, and the most vulnerable, as social isolation measures step up. Take good care and we hope you stay warm and well, With all best wishes from the WPCA team

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